Here is what I found one of the best video guitar lessons on the net and the best part is that it’s FREE. If you have just started playing guitar these 12 free lessons is all you need (beside practice) to ultimately play most of the songs you like. You can sign up here, all needed is your name and email address!

Please note, these 12 lessons are 100% free and there is no catch there but in case you want to learn tabs and how to play certain songs there is a huge selection of in depth video tutorials focusing on one song at a time. They are available for purchase at an affordable price of $6-13 each but if you buy the entire lesson archive with more than 50 full length guitar lessons all you need to pay is $97 which translates to less than $2 per song/lesson. If you’re interested you may want to check them out later and surprise your friends and family by playing them a song they all know!

Once again, here is the link to receive your free video guitar lessons

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