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  1. admin wrote on 01. Feb 2008

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your comments,
    Rinaldi, sorry to hear that and Glad you’ve decided to quit smoking.
    Here at we’ve just gathered the free offers from different sources and as a freebie directory we just link to the website which has the offer.
    If you’re interested in this product please follow the banner in the original post and fill out the form at their original website, the advertisers should be responsible for their advertised offer.
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  2. sharon nelson wrote on 04. Nov 2008

    i want to quit smoking.

  3. paul wozniak wrote on 04. Nov 2008

    I want to quit smoking.

  4. linda crisp wrote on 21. Nov 2008

    i have been a smoker for 30 years and would like some help to quit

  5. isabell wrote on 04. Jan 2009

    CigArrest stop smoking kit, FREE 30 day supply i would like to order one thanks

  6. Amanda wrote on 12. Jan 2009

    Plz send me a kit for stop smoking.

  7. ben wrote on 27. Jan 2009

    i want to stop smokin but i am out of work i cant buy then kits

  8. Hasan Thomas wrote on 02. May 2009

    i am very interested

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